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Cloudy Mountain

I am a therapist based in Ilkley who is a fully qualified registered practitioner, having completed a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited Masters of Art (MA) at Leeds Beckett University.

Having trained at an integrative school, I draw on humanistic, psychodynamic, and existential approaches. My MA dissertation involved the analysis of case studies presenting these approaches and considering what elements can be beneficial for the client. The results revealed that the key point is the therapist's commitment to transparency and involvement, which enhances collaboration in the therapeutic relationship. It means working out together what is beneficial is more likely to bring desirable outcomes.  

This practice is best described as relational and alongside my practical experience, my research affirmed my belief in its value for my clients. My experience has been gained through working with clients presenting a wide range of issues. Working for a mental health charity, a college counselling service, and a private organisation provided me with contrasting experiences of short-term and long-term frameworks which happened in person, online, and via phone.

My practical experience has been enhanced by participating in various workshops: Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Working with Trauma, Working with Addictions, Self-harm Awareness Training, and Practical and Relational Ways of Working with Suicidality, Introduction to Polyvagal Theory. I am always eager to expand my knowledge and continue looking for ways to enhance my practice.  

Prior to that, I draw on my extensive background in engineering, where my role often involved discussions of disruptive impacts on a business involving a diverse range of individuals. People needs frequently took precedence, highlighting the importance of relationships with colleagues and clients. Presented with the challenge of work and life, I found my fulfillment in helping others, which prompted my career in counselling. This enhanced my interest in human experiences and continuously seeking ways to better serve clients' needs in my practice. 

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